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B Consulting was founded in the UK in 2002 and is proud to have celebrated its tenth anniversary in November 2012.  Our mission has been consistent throughout the last 10 years – to provide high quality consulting services within the Telecommunications and Transport industries.  With a particular expertise in high reliability RF systems, B Consulting is a professional services company that provides tailored solutions to meet the exact requirements of the client.  Our business model allows us to complement efficiently our own expertise with a network of trusted associates.

A major contractor for a new airport build project needed to ensure both ground based and ground to air radio systems would be suitable and effective, notwithstanding significant engineering and technical constraints.  Project deadlines meant that coverage predictions were needed before terminal construction was complete.  Our previous experience of a new terminal build at a major UK airport allowed us to deliver the required design with a high degree of confidence using a computer representation of the as-built airport.


The regulator of a rapidly developing new democracy wished to liberalise their 2- and 3-G mobile spectrum, and at the same time introduce additional competition to the local mobile market.  The project was of particular strategic importance given the low penetration of fixed telephony in the more rural areas of the country.  Consideration of existing non-mobile users in the mobile bands was required.  B Consulting built a realistic and detailed model of existing mobile networks and based on a combination of analytic and simulation approaches and demonstrated the impact on each existing operator of candidate approaches to liberalisation regulation.

Private equity investors in an RF in-building design specialist needed temporary cover for the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) function for the period up to and including the sale of the business to another private equity backed group.  In order to meet the requirements in the most cost effective manner, B Consulting provided appropriately skilled interim management resource on a part time basis, and carried the assignment on through purchase until the business was fully integrated as a wireless technology practice into the new group.